G-071XZYZ1N1 Episode 31: The Xybidont with the Golden Carapace
Life With Althaar

Episode 31: The Xybidont with the Golden Carapace

August 27, 2021
In which, for the good of his friends, Xtopps decides he has to kick his peanut butter habit, and we experience the horrors of a Xybidont in withdrawal from the cursed legume. Meanwhile, Vert accidentally stumbles upon the Resistance's secret domain, and must choose between joining them, or probably being blown out an airlock, if you call that a choice.
"The Xybidont with the Golden Carapace"
written by Philip Cruise and Christopher Lee
Chris Lee as Chip Frinkel
Derrick Peterson as Xtopps
Amanda LaPergola as Mrs. Frondrinax, Vert, Passageways Spokesperson
Zuri Washington as Delilah "Dee" Mallory, Rooty
Ivanna Cullinan as Commander Mindy Torianna, Foog Guard 2, Resistance Soldier
Alyssa Simon as Lieutenant-Commander Frallen-Br'ar, Foog Guard 1, Resistance Soldier
Eli Ganias as Hardyfox "H.F." Fornes
John Amir as John B, Michael BufferBot
Berit Johnson as Althaar, Sopon, Byroxidana, Resistance Soldier
Linus Gelber: StalinBot, Rubaganthi in the Audience, Timothy LearyBot, Q'Putrous
Philip Cruise: Tiny Bill Tremaine, TV Announcer, Q'Voglint
Fred Backus: Ewan McGregorBot, Howard CosellBot, Oakensarx
Ian W. Hill: Announcer, Schlooma, Mr. Peanut, Bridge Crew
Olivia Baseman: Amber on the Bridge, J'Bollont
Jessica Stoya: Voussh, Bridge Crew
Anna Stefanic: Stella Reyes, Resistance Soldier
Holly Pocket McCaffrey: Miss Sophie, Hutavarova, Bridge Crew
Lex Friedman: Bubbles, Deborah, Joanna JedrzejczykBot
Berit is the supervising producer, showrunner, and script supervisor
Ian is the audio producer, sound designer, and technical supervisor
The writers’ room consists of Berit, Ian, John, Amanda, Chris, Philip, Lex, and Linus
Theme and Interstitial Music composed and performed by Anna Stefanic
Illustration by Dean Haspiel
Library Music and SFX licensed from Storyblocks
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TWITTER: @AlthaarTweeting ‏and @LifeWithAlthaar
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