G-071XZYZ1N1 Episode 24: Benefits of a Classical Education
Life With Althaar

Episode 24: Benefits of a Classical Education

December 4, 2020
In which the Fugulnari "advisors" impose strict restrictions on movement for all Humans on The Fairgrounds. Very literally. To increase efficiency and decrease unnecessary movement, all Humans must wear pedometers and walk no more than 4,000 steps per day. However, between shortening the length of the "day" to not quite four hours, and also increasing the amount of alcohol that must be in the drinks at The Electric Egg, their efficiency campaign proves hideously misguided. Meanwhile, after a group of Fugulnari bullies dognap Miss Sophie, H.F. and John B attempt what should be a classic daring vent-crawl rescue, as long as they use the correct vents and only get a little damp, rather than boiled alive.
"Benefits of a Classical Education"
written by John Amir
Zuri Washington as Delilah "Dee" Mallory, Tess

John Amir as John B

Eli Ganias as Hardyfox "H.F." Fornes
Amanda LaPergola as Mrs. Frondrinax, Grendvomix

Ivanna Cullinan as Commander Mindy Torianna, Fugulnari Barfly

Chris Lee as Chip Frinkel
Derrick Peterson as Xtopps
Alyssa Simon as Lieutenant-Commander Frallen-Br'ar, Fugulnari Drinks Inspector

Berit Johnson as Althaar, Sopon, Alien Barfly, Prestorlix, Kwontz



Philip Cruise: Beaux Several, Vamternoox
Holly Pocket McCaffrey: Miss Sophie
Lex Friedman: Bubbles, Araggax, Door
Dean Haspiel: Troncorblox, Sallifrenix
David Arthur Bachrach: Mortrinex, Patronizing Waiter, Friendly Phone Service, Bramthanox
Anna Stefanic: Stella Reyes, Bluodinarx

Ian W. Hill: Announcer, William S. BurroughsBot, Fugulnari Heckler, Winston ChurchillBot, Marty

Rolls Andre: George ForemanBot
Linus Gelber: Todd, Martin LutherBot

Olivia Baseman: Amber on the Bridge

Clara Francesca: Dinorbiax
Leila Okafor: Fracottiverx
Fred Backus: Peter ThielBot
Berit is the supervising producer, showrunner, and script supervisor
Ian is the audio producer, sound designer, and technical supervisor
The writers’ room consists of BeritIanJohnAmandaChrisPhilipLex, and Linus
Theme and Interstitial Music composed and performed by Anna Stefanic
Illustration by Dean Haspiel
Library Music and SFX licensed from Storyblocks
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