G-071XZYZ1N1 Episode 19: Eight Ways of Looking at a Bar Fight
Life With Althaar

Episode 19: Eight Ways of Looking at a Bar Fight

September 25, 2020

In which Chip returns to The Electric Egg after a quick errand to find an immense booze fight in progress among just about everyone we know on The Fairgrounds. In attempting to sort out how the fight began, we are presented with eight flashbacks from amongst the crew, none of which actually in themselves do much to illuminate how the fight happened, but all of them revealing much about each character and how they see everyone else on The Fairgrounds and how they believe they are see and treated by all the others.

"Eight Ways of Looking at a Bar Fight"
written by John Amir and Lex Friedman


Chris Lee as Chip Frinkel
Berit Johnson as Althaar, Cpl. Ness, Sopon, Alien Barfly, Kwontz, Xbidont Goddess, Spotel Manager
Derrick Peterson as Xtopps 
Ivanna Cullinan as Commander Mindy Torianna
Amanda La Pergola as Mrs. Frondrinax, Vert

Zuri Washington as Delilah "Dee" Mallory

Eli Ganias as Hardyfox "H.F." Fornes

John Amir as John B, WoodsmanBot

Alyssa Simon as Lieutenant-Commander Frallen-Br'ar


Philip Cruise: Cpl. Dormer
Holly Pocket McCaffrey: Miss Sophie
Ian W. Hill: Announcer, Winston ChurchillBot, Dilurian, CommonerBot, Assassin
Lex Friedman: Bubbles

Linus Gelber: Space Priest

Fred Backus: Jasper Bigelow
Berit is the supervising producer, showrunner, and script supervisor
Ian is the audio producer, sound designer, and technical supervisor
The writers’ room consists of BeritIanJohnAmandaChrisPhilipLex, and Linus
Theme and Interstitial Music composed and performed by Anna Stefanic
"Efficiency/The Better World" music and lyrics by John, arranged by Berit
Illustration by Dean Haspiel
Library Music and SFX licensed from Storyblocks
extra special thanks to Julie Hoverson for the inspirational tweet
TWITTER: @AlthaarTweeting ‏and @LifeWithAlthaar
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